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700ml – 40% ABV – Awesome Caramel

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There are situations where you enjoy the great drops you carefully selected, and then there are days where you’re out looking for new experiences. Very rarely, when researching new drops, you taste something that triggers a pause in your brain. Something so unexpected and inexplicable, yet so intriguing it makes both eyes open up an extra millimeter. You then look perplexed at the drink you’re having, and there sits the Caramel Vodka from Underground Spirits.

This Caramel Vodka is not a front, middle and back tasting experience – this is a full-on, frontal, pure explosion of caramel through and through. Silky smooth on the palate, warm sticky sweet with a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. In most cases where one ingredient is too intense, it backfires on your palate, but not this one. The rich round goodness of caramel and an adequate amount of sweetness makes it very sippable and take your Espresso martinis to a yet undiscovered level.

This Caramel Vodka is so good that you will need to pour your drink and lock away the bottle to stop yourself from pouring the next. You can almost hear Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin Bout A Revolution’ track going through your mind when you close your eyes and sip this. We are perplexed that this drink hasn’t won any awards yet, but who needs to win awards when you can win hearts.

Ingredients: Wheat grain (sustainably grown), pristine water from Canberra, caramel from Queensland, gluten-free

Underground Spirits

Canberra, ACT 2901
Liquor license number: 14005685

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