24-Pack Of Premium Tonics by Long Ray's


Case of 24 – 275ml – Premium Indie Australian Tonics

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If you are a lover of both having spirits straight, you enjoy the flavours and notes of a spirit. But many tonics on the market, whether it be mainstream, premium, or craft, have been created with one purpose: to make the spirit into a cocktail. But behind Long Ray’s are lovers of gin, and their philosophy has been to make a tonic that keeps the gin notes coming through when mixed.

At first sip, this tonic is toned down and subtle in flavour. The natural lemon and quinine flavours are present on the front, and on the back, you’ll get a hint of the Tasmanian mountain pepper. Springwater from the northern parts of Victoria with just the right amount of carbonation makes it very drinkable on its own.

But the real magic happens when you mix it. Its moderate approach to flavour makes a symbiotic relationship between a gin and a tonic, as it creates enough room to let both shine through. Many of the notes you get from drinking a spirit straight will still come through with this tonic. Add some freshness and bubbles, and you have the magic of Long Ray’s tonics.

We have searched long and hard for a tonic that had the guts to tone itself down slightly and not overwhelm the spirit. The next tick box has to be its low sugar content. With only 3g sugar per 100ml it’s similar to a light tonic, but that’s where the comparison stops. Low sugar content usually means weird dry mouthfeels or the taste of artificial sweeteners, but not this one. Long Ray’s Tonic is a beauty – pure and simple.

Great Drops Pty Ltd

Collingwood, VIC 3066
Liquor license number: 1

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