24-Pack Of Premium Sodas by Long Ray's


Case of 24 – 275ml – Premium Indie Australian Soda

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Any well-balanced drink needs the right interplay between the ingredients used. But without any ingredients used besides water, the pursuit of balance makes the perfect soda a true challenge. But Long Ray’s have meticulously pursued just that and succeeded.

So how do you make water taste even better? First, you find spring water found in the mountains of northern Victoria. This water has a slight hint of citrus on the back and knowing it’s water that in itself is quite remarkable. Second, you test and trial PH levels that interact and complement the water complexity. Third, you carbonate it with the right amount of bubbles – bubbles that doesn’t make you burp instantly or vanish once you throw a cocktail at the soda.

Take the Aperol Spritz; having too little bubbles will undermine the prosecco, as it cannot carry enough bubbles through the Aperol on its own. Take a Whiskey soda; the concept in itself is to water down the scotch without destroying the whiskey’s flavors, and average sodas – without the right balance in exceptional water, mineral salt, and carbonation – will do just that.

Next time you reach for the top-shelf liquor or spirit, don’t use an average mixer. Use something that will complement and make way for your cocktail’s spirit to get the best out of it.

Great Drops Pty Ltd

Collingwood, VIC 3066
Liquor license number: 1

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