8-Pack Imperial Pilsner by Bodriggy Brewing


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500ml cans – 7.9% ABV – Adventure Series


The Big’ Sner NZ Imperial Pilsner is the mac daddy of pilsners. It uses 100% malts and hops native to New Zealand and adds an unusual extra twist to the Pilsner style that most other Pilsners won’t give you. Because of its high alcohol percentage and can size, it’s easy to share with a mate or to have on your own for a longer session. If you love Pilsners but are looking for an adventure sitting on the edge of that category, this limited edition beer is a great place to start your journey. As a limited edition, it is not likely to be produced again, so stock up while you can.

The team at Bodriggy specialises in hazy, cloudy beers with an exceptionally fresh taste. Their passion for the use of ingredients and their style of beers makes these creations unique. Bodriggy’s strict policy of never releasing beers that aren’t well-balanced or hitting a sweet spot shines through in the end product.

Ingredients / Tasting notes; New Zealand malt and hops. Quite tasty with a somewhat sweet finish and subtle malt at the back.

Bodriggy Brew Pub

Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
Liquor license number: 31957828

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