2-Pack Special Release by LittleBrew


750ml – 5.7 to 20% ABV – Special & Barrel-Aged Releases

Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

12% ABV - 750ml

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Black Lambik Sour

5.7% ABV - 750ml

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This is not beer

20% ABV - 750ml

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Availability: Available on backorder

If you are looking for some good Australian craft beer novelty, here is your ticket. Ben & Cal from LittleBrew in Ferntree Gully has spent 13 years perfecting sour beers. They have an extensive barrel-aging program where some stay the same, and new ones emerge as they are developed. Currently in bottle and individually available until stock runs out:

  1. Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (12% ABV – 750ml)

Aged in Ex-Bourbon American oak barrels for four months, this huge stout exhibits vanilla, coconut, and strong spirit characters. Clocking in high levels of alcohol, this stout packs a punch!!

  1. Black Lambik Sour (5.7% ABV – 750ml)

This black Lambic is for true sour lovers. Soured in an ex-shiraz barrel with our 10 year-old house culture, this sour is complex and dynamic. The nose is loaded with darks fruits, chocolate and shiraz while the palate is moderate-intensely acidic but maintains great balance.

  1. This is not beer (20% ABV – 750ml)

Is it a beer? Is it a liqueur? Actually it’s a combo best described as another one of Dr Frankenstein’s children. This bottle is massive on dry chocolate and incredibly thick. Stout is predominant on the nose and lingers through on the palate. Think dry chocolate pudding in a bottle and you have this crazy yet delicious mix.

Hurry up and order your favorite mix of these three beers before they run out, as they are only released and produced as limited editions. These beers are larger-than-life craft beers packed with flavors that are guaranteed to challenge your senses and move your perception of what beer can and cannot do.


Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156
Liquor license number: 32807301

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