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REVIEW – Silver Cane Spirit

On the Mornington Peninsula, more specifically in Dromana, you’ll find the JimmyRum Distillery. The team has refurbished an industrial building into a distillery and bar, with priority to the grand old lady ‘Matilda’: a 7m tall, 1500 liter column still, which is the star of the show. James McPherson (main ideas man and founder of the brand) spared no expense in creating a stylish bar environment and uses approximately 70 barrels as a room divider and to age all his rum in barrels.

Stumbling across JimmyRum’s Silver Can Spirit was not only an experience in texture but also an absolute pleasure in aromas and smells enticing the palate. The first sip starts with a bit of an alcohol punch, and it might throw you back if you’re not used to drinking spirits straight. But as the liquid works through your body and heat your chest, 10-15 seconds later, you’ll get what James calls “the rum cuddle”. Butterscotch, vanilla, butter, caramel, and grass is what we experienced in this wonderful base spirit product. Only one ingredient (molasses) is used in reaching this flavor combination, with the result which is attested to James and Matilda working in harmony.

If you haven’t found your excuse to explore rum here is your perfect bet. It is non-offensive and really smooth – get your bottle of Silver Cane Spirit here, to see what a white can spirit can do to impress you.

JimmyRum Distillery uses molasses from Australia’s last family-owned sugar company and is in no rush to bottle any spirit unless it is just right. James has stared a 70-barrel program where all of his products are aged. He is both methodical and stubborn in his approach, which is a good thing for us consumers, as we’re guaranteed never to have mediocre or below-average products whenever our support goes to JimmyRum’s beancounter.

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