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LAUNCH – Original Blood Orange Minello

Great drops have partnered with select Australian Artisans (small batch independent distillers) to develop their version of an aperitif, digestive, or liqueur, inspired by the makers own cultural heritage and life experience.

These creations are named Minello, and the first has been made with blood orange by Wayne Bourke from Bathtub Gin Company. His inspiration is found in Australia’s multi-cultural roots and late teenage years, where several nationalities (Italians, Greeks, French, Chineses and German) would visit the family home bringing gifts. His father, literally, used to call their house the UN, and during this time Wayne got exposed to cultures and traditions behind great food and drink.

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This Original Blood Orange Minello delivers the sweetness you would expect from a liqueur, blended with a light kick of alcohol, which gives it an almost digestivo character. Finally, Blood Orange – flavour and colour – is layered on top.

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  1. Just received my bottle of Minello bottle number 148. Great taste, lingering citrus flavours, I’ll be ordering another bottle if there is another run.

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